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We are a distributor and manufacturer of components, batteries, power supplies, lighting products, and much much more.
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We are a stocking dealer of resistor types such as chip, metal film, carbon film, potentiometers, and MOVs from manufacturers such as Stackpole, G.L., Song Huei, C.K.E., Brightking, and Yageo. Please visit our resistors page for more product information.

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We stock a wide variety of capacitors from chip, film, and ceramic disk, to electrolytic and tantalum. Our manufacturers include Ark, Nemco, Ether, Keuo, and Yageo. Please visit our capacitors page for more product information.

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Ric-Tronics has a vast selection of diodes from manufacturers such as Rectron, E.D.I., and M.E.I.. Please visit our diode page for more product information.

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Cables/Power supplies

We are a stocking manufacturer of power supplies , power cords, cat5e cables, and much much more. As an industry leader in custom power products our manufacturing facility will produce your product designed to your specifications. Please visit our cables/power supplies page for more product information.

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We are a stocking dealer of connectors, sockets, and pin headers for manufacturers such as WAGO, Dinkle, Jieke, Degson, Centronics, and Ho Chien. Please visit our connectors page for more information.

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LED is the future of lighting. Its long life, low carbon emissions, efficiency, and quality of light are just a few of the reasons that companies are turning to LED technology. As a stocking dealer and manufacturer we are able to pass our savings and quality directly on to you. Please visit our LEDs/Displays page for more product information.

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We are a stocking distributor of sealed lead acid, battery packs, button cell, and many other rechargeable battery types.

our focus

  • We provide quality tested electronic components at competitive prices, used by satisfied customers throughout the industry

  • Direct shipments from our manufacturing facilities allow us to sell our customers without additional markup. Saving you time and money.

  • Our sales force has a combined 100 plus years of experience and our staff can assist you with any technical questions that you may have.

  • Having a centrally located facility ensures that your shipment will arrive in a timely manner. And our in stock products are processed and shipped within 24 hours, quotes and expedites are handled in a timely manner as well.

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